Affiliate Partnership Program

Affiliates recruit clients for HLR Lookups and receive a commission on their client's traffic. Clients are recruited by using a client acquisition URL that links the client to the affiliate. Affiliates monitor their client's live traffic via the Affiliate Admin interface and receive monthly payouts in form of HLR Lookup credits or cash via wire transfer or PayPal.

The Concept

The affiliate program is open to any organization or individual. Affiliates recruit clients in their industry or target audience by inviting them to register on Invites are linked to the affiliate by using a unique Client Acquisition URL or clients entering the affiliate's partner id in the "Invited By" field on the registration form.

Clients generate traffic and are charged for each HLR or number type (NT) lookup. Affiliates receive 6.00% as monthly cash payouts or in form of HLR Lookup credits for their own account.

Affiliates are notified via email when a new client registers and can view monthly payout summaries and visualized representations of their client traffic time lines.

Reports and Settings

Affiliates have access to their administration interface with monthly traffic and payout summaries and an overview of traffic for their clients.

Payout Options

Affiliates receive payouts in form of HLR Lookup credits for their own account or monthly cash payments via wire transfer or PayPal.

Accrued HLR Lookup credits are automatically added on the 25th of each month for the previous month. Affiliates receive an email notification when balance is added.

Cash payouts are scheduled on the 25th of each month for the previous month(s) and trigger when a minimum of 500.00 EUR has been accrued. Affiliates receive a formal credit note to their billing address.


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Affiliate Status

Setting Value
Partner ID
Partnership Type Affiliate Program Partner
Affiliate Admin