Example Report (MNP)


Total MSISDNs (n) 10,000
Completed Lookups 10,000 (100%)
Pending Lookups 0 (0%)
First Lookup 2020-08-05 01:12:11.914+0300
Last Result 2020-08-05 01:14:26.774+0300
Performance 135 seconds total at 74.07 results per second.
Cost 50.00 EUR

Mobile Network Operators

The analyzed data contain a total of 6 distinct mobile network operators (MNOs). Swisscom (CH) has been detected the most with 5,360 (54 %) MSISDNs belonging to this network. It's followed by Sunrise (CH) with 3,655 (37 %) MSISDNs and Lycamobile (CH) in third place with a total of 381 (4 %) detected MSISDNs.

MNO Country Count (n) Count (%) MCCMNCs
LycamobileCH3814 %22854
SaltCH2603 %22803
SunriseCH3,65537 %22802
SwisscomCH5,36054 %22801
beeoneCH1371 %22858
upc cablecomCH2072 %22853

Portability Summary

Out of 10000 processed MSISDNs, 769 were ported. 9231 MSISDNs were still registered in their original (native) network. 0 MSISDNs were invalid or could not be processed.

Status Count (n) Count (%) Description
NATIVE 9,231 92 % Indicates that the number belongs to its original (native) network and has never been ported.
PORTED 769 8 % Indicates that the number has been ported.
INVALID 0 0 % Indicates that the number is invalid or could not be processed.

Used Routes

This table lists the MNP lookup routes used in the analyzed data set. Please read the routing options page to determine which routes are most suitable and performant for your use cases.

Route Count (n) Count (%) MCCMNC IMSI MSC Ported Roaming
PTX10,000100 %YesNoNoYesNo