What is an HLR Lookup?


An HLR Lookup is a real time query of subscriber information stored in a mobile network operator's Home Location Register (HLR). An HLR is a database with context and status information about every mobile phone in a mobile network and forms the backbone of subscriber data.

The HLR Lookups API accepts mobile phone numbers (MSISDN) as input and returns information on whether these numbers are valid, currently active in a network (connected? absent?), their Mobile Country Code and Mobile Network Code (MCCMNC), IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), information on whether they're ported from one network to another (portability), whether they are currently roaming as well as their relevant Mobile Switching Center (MSC).

Read "A Brief Guide To HLR Lookups (PDF)" and learn "How HLR Lookups Benefit Businesses and Organizations (PDF)" or watch our video for more information on this service.