Routing Options

Routes are individual links to the SS7 network. Use the performance optimized default routing or specify custom routes for each HLR lookup request via the API or web interface. Access a pool of routing options and receive lookup results from a variety of mobile network operators.

HLR Routes

HLR Lookups provides redundant routing options to maximize global connectivity. Each route has its own characteristic feature sets and speed parameters. Any available route can be selected for lookups by setting the route parameter in the API or web interface.

RouteStatusLive SignalMCCMNCIMSI*MSC*PortedRoamingSync APIAsync API
E10 (Default)UPYesYesNoNoYesYesYesYes
* Available for approved accounts.

HLR Speed & Performance

Below statistics are based on our internal benchmark results and can be used as a throughput estimation reference for sending high volume requests via the asynchronous API or the web interface.

RouteStatus10 Lookups100 Lookups1,000 Lookups10,000 Lookups
IP1UP3.33 / sec33.33 / sec45.36 / sec41.12 / sec
ST2DOWN3.02 / sec1.51 / sec3.44 / sec4.22 / sec
SV3UP0.43 / sec2.96 / sec4.22 / sec11.29 / sec
IP4UP3.37 / sec12.54 / sec49.01 / sec70.38 / sec
XT5DOWN0.52 / sec1.12 / sec3.51 / sec3.53 / sec
XT6DOWN1.31 / sec2.67 / sec9.20 / sec11.31 / sec
NT7UP0.59 / sec2.50 / sec3.13 / sec3.32 / sec
DV8UP3.43 / sec34.27 / sec46.28 / sec42.71 / sec
MS9UP1.21 / sec2.42 / sec7.83 / sec11.31 / sec
E10 (Default)UP3.11 / sec24.75 / sec27.51 / sec31.90 / sec
PTXUP5.42 / sec32.09 / sec38.93 / sec47.17 / sec
V11UP2.09 / sec21.01 / sec24.27 / sec29.88 / sec

Number Type (NT) Lookup Routes

Number type lookups detect whether given phone numbers belong to landline, mobile, VoIP, premium rate or other numbering ranges and are sent via pre-configured routes that query different resources. The route is specified as a parameter during submission and each route offers a distinct feature set. Choose the route for your particular use case.

RouteStatusNumber TypeRegionTime ZoneOriginal CarrierOriginal MCCMNCSync APIAsync API
LC1 (Default)UPYesYesYesYesYesYesYes