Analytics and Reports


Summarizes the sample size, completion rate and performance parameters. Includes data originating from the Web Client, HLR API, MNP API and Number Type API.

Provides downloads in CSV and PDF format.

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Mobile Network Operators

Extracts a list of all detected Mobile Network Operators (MNO) in the data sample.

Sorts network names alphabetically, per destination country and extracts MCCMNC attributes per distinct MNO.

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Connectivity Statuses

Detects MSISDNs with active subscribers currently connected to the network.

Isolates valid MSISDNs with absent subscribers.

Highlights unknown MSISDNs that never belonged to a Mobile Network Operator.

Extracts invalid MSISDNs.

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Connectivity Statuses per MNO

Aggregates connectivity status data across mobile network operators (MNOs).

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Portability Summary

Extracts portability information for mobile number portability (MNP) queries and HLR Lookups.

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Number Type Information

Extracts number type information for NT Lookup queries. Detects whether phone numbers are mobile, landline, or a different type.

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IMSIs, MSCs, Ported and Roaming Data

Collects IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) values and counts absolute and relative extraction rates.

Determines MSC (Mobile Switching Center) values and counts absolute and relative extraction rates.

Detects whether the MSISDN is ported or whether the subscriber is roaming and calculates the extraction rates.

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Live Progress Update for Large Jobs

Indicates the live processing status for large samples submitted via the web interface ar asynchronous bulk API.

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Used Routes

Lists the HLR lookup routes used in the analyzed data set.

Please view the routing options to determine which connection is most suitable for your use case.

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