All mobile network operators are connected within a system called the SS7 signaling network.

The SS7 transports data about subscribers, networking, voice calls, and SMS text messages between the carriers.

Real-time context and status information about every mobile phone is stored in databases called “Home Location Registers”, which form the backbone of subscriber information for a mobile network.

“HLR Lookups” is a technology to query home location registers and acquire live networking and connectivity information about mobile phone numbers, such as…

  • whether a mobile phone is switched on or switched off
  • to which network it belongs
  • whether it is currently roaming
  • if a number has been ported between networks
  • and if it is valid or invalid is an enterprise portal and API to supply businesses with real time queries towards the home location registers of all mobile networks.

Access bulk or individual subscriber information using the enterprise web client or implement the HTTP REST API into your own software to automatically receive real time cell phone information when needed.

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