White Label Reseller Program

Resellers purchase traffic volume at a discounted price, implement the HTTP REST API or SDKs and sell to clients at market price. The reseller presents his own branding, processes payments through his own accounting system and has ownership of the client relationship. Client traffic is visualized in the reseller's administration interface on the HLR Lookups portal.

Purchase Model

Resellers purchase pre-paid HLR lookup or number type (NT) lookup traffic in advance and deposit credits via wire transfer, credit card or PayPal payments. Reseller credits do not expire. An initial purchase of 1,000,000 or more lookups and signing of reseller agreement is required to qualify as a reseller.

Pricing (Buying)

Resellers receive a 20% discount on the regular pricing. The model is cumulative and once a discount level is reached it does not reset for future purchases.

Pricing (Selling)

Resellers may sell lookups at the same price as www.hlr-lookups.com. The official pricing brackets are available here. Resellers may sell lookups at a higher price but are not authorized to sell at a lower price unless permitted to do so by www.hlr-lookups.com.

Reseller Pricing (HLR)

Describes the reseller pricing for HLR Lookups.

Lower BoundUpper BoundYour PriceResale Price
1,000,0012,500,0000.0072 EUR0.0100 EUR
2,500,0015,000,0000.0064 EUR0.0090 EUR
5,000,0017,500,0000.0056 EUR0.0080 EUR
7,500,00110,000,0000.0048 EUR0.0070 EUR
10,000,001or more0.0040 EUR0.0060 EUR

Reseller Pricing (NT)

Describes the reseller pricing for number type lookups.

Lower BoundUpper BoundYour PriceResale Price
1,000,0012,500,0000.0036 EUR0.0050 EUR
2,500,0015,000,0000.0032 EUR0.0045 EUR
5,000,0017,500,0000.0028 EUR0.0040 EUR
7,500,00110,000,0000.0024 EUR0.0035 EUR
10,000,001or more0.0020 EUR0.0030 EUR


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Reseller Status

Setting Value
Partner ID
Partnership Type White Label Reseller (API)
Reseller Admin

Service Access

Resellers integrate the service by implementing the HLR lookups and/or number type (NT) lookup REST APIs. The API caters to live traffic demands (VoIP, SMS routing, etc.) via synchronous API. Bulk lookups with high throughput are best performed via the asynchronous API. Please view the API Docs for further information on service integration.


Resellers have the option to save lookup results into storages, which are mapped to their clients and their client’s campaigns. Client storage reports can be downloaded as CSV or JSON files and keep track of traffic, results and cost for each of the reseller’s clients and their campaigns. More information on the concept of storages is available here.


Resellers have access to all available HLR lookup and number type (NT) lookup routing options. Depending on the client needs different routing settings might be suitable. For example some of the reseller’s clients might have a need for IMSI results, while others might need to capture the current MSC or MCCMNC values only. Available routes and their feature and performance parameters are listed here.