HLR Lookups

Submit mobile phone numbers via the Enterprise Web Client, the HTTP REST API, file upload, or SDKs. The HLR lookup core engine then queries the SS7 signaling network, obtains data from the relevant Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and you receive reports with results in JSON, HTML, PDF or CSV at a speed of up to 500 MSISDNs per second.


Seamlessly integrates with your application or platform. HLR Lookups queries return real-time results for time critical live traffic and other applications.

    "mobile_phone": {
        "msisdn": "+14156226819",
        "connectivity_status": "CONNECTED",
        "mccmnc": 310260,
        "is_ported": true,
        "original_network": {
            "country_code": "US",
            "network_name": "Verizon Wireless"
        "ported_network": {
            "country_code": "US",
            "network_name": "T-Mobile"
        "roaming_network": null

Enterprise Web Client

Runs high volumes of HLR lookups with a throughput of up to 100 results per second.

Calculates cost, estimates duration and sanitizes MSISDN formatting before submission.

Offers access to HLR data via numerous routing options.


Displays a real time stream of recent HLR lookups and combines the most important metrics into one screen.

Visualizes monthly usage, connectivity rates and costs.

Lists the most recently generated reports and shows success rates.

Reports and Analytics

Combines all results into custom reports for each job. Appends results to existing reports if wanted.

Generates detailed reports for customizable data sets.

Visualizes analytics for extracted Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Subscriber Status (connectivity), HLR signal deliveries, IMSIs, MSCs, Ported and Roaming Data per Mobile Network Operator.

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Web Client Solo

Submits a single cell phone number (MSISDN) and returns the result in real time.

Lookup Details

The name of the mobile network operator to which that number currently belongs

The country in which the network operator and the phone customer are located

The MCC (Mobile Country Code), the MNC (Mobile Network Code), IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and MSC (Mobile Switching Center) of the phone number

Whether the number is currently active, has been deactivated, or was never registered — and therefore whether the number is valid or invalid

If so, the name of the network to which the number belonged when first registered

Whether a subscriber is roaming, which country they are roaming in, and what network they are currently logged on to (information obtained through the MSC address currently serving the number)

Whether the phone is switched on or temporary errors could prevent the delivery of an SMS — for example, if the phone is turned off or out of coverage for an extended time — referred to as an "Absent Subscriber"

The identification of the network even if an error such as "Absent Subscriber" is returned

Number Type Lookups

Number type (NT) lookups provide means to detect phone number types via API or graphical user interfaces and determine whether given phone numbers belong to landline, mobile, premium rate, VoIP, pager, or other numbering plan ranges.

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Number Portability Lookups

MNP Lookups provide a cost-effective alternative to HLR lookup queries if your primary goal is to extract the current MCCMNC of a given mobile phone number and pinpoint the original and current networks.

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