Number Portability Lookups

Performing a Number Portability Lookup

With the development of Mobile Number Portability, cell phone subscribers can now keep their number if they change mobile networks. This is great news for phone users but costly for businesses, market research companies, insurance agencies, travel agencies, universities, and other organizations that periodically call or send text messages to large numbers of people in their database. One reason: Many of those phone numbers frequently may no longer be active. HLR Lookup is a service that gets around this.

You can obtain the the ported status of a cell phone subscriber by performing an HLR lookup. Number portability lookups are possible using the following routes.


RouteStatusMCCMNCIMSI*MSC*PortedRoamingSync APIAsync API
IP1 (Default)UPYesYesNoYesYesYesYes
* MSC: Available for approved accounts.

Speed & Performance

RouteStatus10 Lookups100 Lookups1,000 Lookups10,000 Lookups
IP1 (Default)UP3.33 / sec33.33 / sec45.36 / sec41.12 / sec
ST2DOWN3.02 / sec1.51 / sec3.44 / sec4.22 / sec
SV3UP0.43 / sec2.96 / sec4.22 / sec11.29 / sec
IP4UP3.37 / sec12.54 / sec49.01 / sec70.38 / sec
XT5DOWN0.52 / sec1.12 / sec3.51 / sec3.53 / sec
XT6DOWN1.31 / sec2.67 / sec9.20 / sec11.31 / sec
NT7UP0.59 / sec2.50 / sec3.13 / sec3.32 / sec
DV8UP3.43 / sec34.27 / sec46.28 / sec42.71 / sec
MS9UP1.21 / sec2.42 / sec7.83 / sec11.31 / sec