Number Type (NT) Lookups

Number type (NT) lookups provide means to detect phone number types via API or graphical user interfaces and determine whether given phone numbers belong to landline, mobile, premium rate, VoIP, pager, or other numbering plan ranges.

The Concept

Number type (NT) lookups provide means to detect phone number types via API or our modern and intuitive graphical user interfaces. Phone numbers can be submitted individually or in bulk and inspected to reliably determine whether they belong to landline, mobile, premium rate, VoIP, shared cost, pager or other numbering plan ranges.

The submitted phone numbers are processed and mapped against our historical data, information provided by mobile network operators, landline carriers and databases obtained through partnerships built upon our excellent carrier relations.

Number type lookups are suitable to sanitize and validate existing phone number databases, market research, automated phone number checks, or to harden advertisement data sets.

Enterprise Web Client

Provides modern and intuitive web interfaces.

Submits phone numbers individually (Web Client Solo) or in bulk via copy paste or file upload (Web Client Enterprise).

Generates meaningful summaries and analytics with beautiful charts and CSV and PDF reports for download.

View Example Report


Displays a sample API result. Requests can be submitted synchronously or asynchronously for bulk processing.

     "info_text":"This is a landline number.",
     "timestamp":"2015-12-04 10:36:41.866283+00",

Number Types

Displays a list of detectable phone number types.

Number Type Description
LANDLINE Landline phone number.
MOBILE Mobile phone number. Qualifies for HLR lookups to obtain additional connection status, network, portability and roaming information.
MOBILE_OR_LANDLINE Landline or mobile phone number. Might qualify for HLR lookup (e.g. US and Canada)
TOLL_FREE Toll free phone number.
PREMIUM_RATE Premium rate phone number with additional charges
SHARED_COST Shared cost phone number. Typically less expensive than premium rate phone numbers
VOIP Voice over IP phone number. Includes TSoIP phone numbers (Telephony Service over IP)
PAGER Pager phone number. Typically no voice functionality.
UAN Univeral Access Number (Company Number). Might be routed to specific offices but allows one number to be used for the company.
VOICEMAIL Voicemail phone number.