MSC Lookups

Performing an MSC Lookup

The Mobile Switching Center (MSC) is the primary server for handling GSM connections. It is responsible for routing voice calls and SMS text messages as well as other services, such as conference calls or Fax. It also holds information on whether a subscriber is currently roaming or whether his cell phone number has been ported between mobile network operators.

You can obtain the the MSC of a cell phone number (MSISDN) by performing an HLR lookup. MSC lookups are possible using the following routes.


RouteStatusLive SignalMCCMNCIMSI*MSC*PortedRoaming*Sync APIAsync API
SV3UPLive HLRYesNoYesYesYesYesYes

* Availability depends on target network operator.

Speed & Performance

RouteStatus10 Lookups100 Lookups1,000 Lookups10,000 Lookups
SV3UP0.43 / sec2.96 / sec4.22 / sec11.29 / sec
XT5RETIRED0.52 / sec1.12 / sec3.51 / sec3.53 / sec
XT6RETIRED1.31 / sec2.67 / sec9.20 / sec11.31 / sec
NT7RETIRED0.59 / sec2.50 / sec3.13 / sec3.32 / sec